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Electric Head Scalp Claw Massager

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Product Name: Multi-claw Electric Massager
Material: TPE
Product size: 17.68*12*12cm
Net weight: 0.161K
Massage method: vibration massage

1. TPE 3D massage arm: There are 12 3D massage arms made of TPE material, with good elasticity and high flexibility;
2. USB port charging: USB charging socket, no need to install batteries, with 4 LED red lights;
3. 1 key switch 3 gear selection: 1 switch, simple operation, control switch and gear position, 3 gear selection can experience different;
4. A variety of ways of use: fit the head curve
It will automatically shut down after 15 minutes of startup. The fully charged light does not flash.
Charging time: about 2.5 hours, working time: about 4 hours.

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